10 comments on “Dynamic Icon for the Spark Title Panel

  1. Thanks! Doesnt look too bad. It might be helpful to just show the bits of the skin class that changed for other readers but I gotcha. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • orginally the panle Skin Class has Host Component “[HostComponent(“spark.components.Panel”)]”
      so it’s tough to edit the “spark.components.Panel”class, so only we we can extend the Panel class and accept the properties..

  2. I still cant get the ImagePath property to be settable from my application. It doenst look like you are setting ImagePath anywhere above. I cant use the tag as I get this error…

    The prefix “skinning” for element “skinning:PanelHolder” is not bound.

  3. Found this today.. very useful! Only thing I have to add here is that imagePath should be of type Class rather the String (imagePath:Class). As I had String to start with the behaviour was strange, the custom icon only get embeded if the component was in default package. Changing it to type class fixes it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Thank you for the post, this is pretty useful.
    How can I extend this to get the image icon to respond to (MouseEvent.CLICK) and to set the event handle in the application class?

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